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Project B Green

Donation Center

Who is Project B Green? Here’s how our donation center works:


Project B Green is a charity accepting donations, including clothing, accessories, shoes, and household items. B-thrifty Holding LLC sponsors our donation center programs, ensuring you can give back to your community. All donations made to Project B Green are tax-deductible.


How we work with non-profit organizations:


Project B Green collects goods from charitable individuals and sells those items to help local charities. These non-profit organizations can then use the money to continue supporting those they help. Your donations help our local charity partners, allowing them to keep their valuable missions.


How we work with local businesses and institutions:


We also collect charitable donations from local businesses. Project B Green will buy reusable items from this institution that we can recycle or resell at our donation center. Make your community a better place by donating today.

Eco Programs

Get Involved!

Communities / Residential Buildings (HOA/PM)

The Eco Friendly Amenity Project B Green is a great tool for any community!


ALL NON-PROFITS ARE WELCOME Every organization needs to raise funds.


Project B Green works with businesses as well!


ALL SCHOOLS ARE WELCOME Education is the backbone of the future.