3 Ways You Can Make a Charitable Donation Near You

3 Ways You Can Make a Charitable Donation Near You

Giving to charity and helping those in need makes us feel great. Not only does this make your community a better place, but it also makes a major difference in the lives of others. Read on to discover some wonderful ways you can make a charitable donation near you.

1. Donate Money

Nowadays, most charities make donating money as easy as possible. Helping never feels like an obligation. If you can afford it, donating money is a great help. After all, running programs costs money, and community outreach events for fundraising can get expensive.

Some charities will even tell you how your contribution makes an impact. For example, a charity sponsoring impoverished children may state that $25 feeds a child for several days while $100 gets them food, some clothing, and a new toy.

Donate what’s affordable and consider sharing the charity link on social media to spark some generosity in others. Most charities allow you to make donations online, but you can also send a check through the mail or visit the nearest location.

2. Give Away Old Belongings

We all clutter over time, especially if we tend to buy more than we need. This is okay, and you can eliminate extra items by donating them. Sort through your closet, kitchen, and kids’ rooms to create organized piles of what you can giveaway. There are charities that will take nearly every item you can imagine, including:

  • Clothing and accessories
  • Small kitchen appliances
  • Books
  • Toys
  • Home décor

By donating these items, you give them a new life with someone who will appreciate them as much as you did. Plus, giving them to charity keeps gently used belongings out of landfills, which is better for our environment.

Donate to Project B Green

Project B Green accepts various belongings and collaborates with charities in Northern Virginia, the District of Colombia, and Maryland. You can contact us to pick up charitable donations so that you never have to worry about scheduling time to bring your items.

3. Volunteer Your Time

Not everyone has the budget to donate, and this is okay; volunteering is another great way to contribute to charities in your community. If you don’t have money or items to give to a charity, you can still help them by volunteering your time. In addition, many not-for-profits rely on grants, so you can help write letters and make calls to request these from local organizations.

Likewise, you can help organize donations at the drop-off location or work with those benefiting from the generous programs. Every bit of assistance makes the charity run smoothly and gives back to your community.

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