4 Ways Small Businesses Can Give Back to Their Community

4 Ways Small Businesses Can Give Back to Their Community

Opening up shop in a new community can be challenging, especially when you want to establish a great reputation. Your company is a member of the neighborhood, so a little bit of generosity from you will go a long way. Uncover some of the best ways small businesses can give back to the community.

Partner With Charities

Create a long-term relationship with a charity or several in your community. Begin the process by scoping out local charitable organizations and learning how you can help. Some may rely on grants, while others need physical items. Evaluate which local charities could use your help to continue offering their great services to the neighborhood.

Hold Donation Drives

Another amazing way your small business can give back to the community is by holding donation drives. Think about a cause you’d like to help so you can list items to donate. If you own a dog grooming business, you may want to give pet food, toys, and care essentials to an animal charity. On the other hand, a general marketing business may have more room for flexibility in the cause they support, such as:

  • Preventing food insecurity
  • Ensuring children have school supplies
  • Collecting new or gently used clothing

Think about your business and determine if one cause would be more fitting. If you’re a general business, you could rotate out the cause you support or encourage employees to vote on one.

Pro Tip

Many companies hold work-wide charity drives during the holiday season, but you can do this any time of year. Encourage workers to donate to the chosen cause. Make sure those in charge do the same to set the right example.

Be Eco-Friendly

Charitable work is important in helping your community, but you shouldn’t stop there. People are more inclined to admire local companies that care about the environment—no one wants to see a factory with billowing smoke polluting the air.

You can go above and beyond by holding cleanup programs where you and your employees volunteer to help clean neighborhoods. You should properly dispose of unneeded items like old computers, printers, and other forms of technology.   

Help During Crisis

Whether the crisis occurs in your community or another area, offering help shows a deep level of care for others. You could donate products made or sold by your company. You could also collect goods to donate or provide funds.

Helping your community during tough times shows the people they can rely on your company for support—you’re a member of the neighborhood, after all! By offering aid to other areas during crises, you give your community a sense of pride. People will happily say that their hometown is the location of a reputable company that puts people first.

Donate to Project B Green

Project B Green is a local for-profit organization that partners with local charities with various drop-off locations for donations. By using our in-kind donation services, we monetize your donation by supporting charities to continue pursuing their mission. Ensure your company shines in the community by donating belongings to us to reuse or recycle. 

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