5 Essential Tips To Prepare Your Clothes for Donation

5 Essential Tips To Prepare Your Clothes for Donation

Donating old clothes is a great way to declutter your wardrobe and help others. Following the proper steps will make the process more efficient for yourself and the charity you help. Some of the most important tips to prepare your clothes for donation is to decide what you’ll give away and who to give it to. Dive deeper into the details of these tips and more!

Decide What To Part With

Begin by sorting through the clothing you currently have. If you keep garments in a dresser and closet, decide where you’ll start. Once you begin pulling out attire, create two piles—one for items you’ll keep and one for what you’ll get rid of.

As you decide what to get rid of, consider the style and fit of each item. If attire is too big or small, you no longer need it. The same rule goes for clothing that’s no longer your style. Once you’ve finished this, put all clothing you plan to keep back into its designated area.

Inspect Signs of Wear

Another essential tip for preparing your clothes for donation is to analyze how worn it is. You should recycle clothing that has holes, rips, or extreme fading. However, if items are still in good shape—and if you’d confidently wear them or give them to a friend—then they’re safe to donate!

Clean Clothing

Don’t put things into a donation box just yet. Often, charities apricate when donors go the extra mile and clean the clothing they donate. This keeps everything sanitary and in top condition so the organization can focus on helping those in need. Best of all, this ensures the clothes smell fresh and wonderful for their new owner.

Organize Donation

Consider organizing belongings according to the type of clothing and age group. For instance, women’s formal wear and children’s pajamas could go in separate bags. This depends on how much you have. If you have a lot of clothes to give for varying age groups, occasions, or masculine vs. feminine, it may be best to have several bags. However, if you only have one or two shirts but your child has a lot, they can go into the same bag.

Carefully fold each item before putting it into a box or bag, then label it for the charity. Often organizations explain on their website what they prefer. Some just want their organization’s name on it, but others request a list of what you’ve given them.

Find a Charity

Finally, find an organization you wish to give to. Search for charities in your area that accept clothing. You can also see what causes the establishment’s support. Some non-profits collect clothing to give to people struggling with homelessness. On the other hand, some for-profit organizations accept clothing donations and partner with charities to provide them with monetary funds.

Project B Green is a for-profit organization that accepts charitable donations in Washington, DC. We partner with various local charities and ensure they receive the necessary funds to continue their life-changing programs. Donate your gently-used clothing to our organization to trailblaze change in your community.

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