5 Practical Tips for Downsizing Your Wardrobe

5 Practical Tips for Downsizing Your Wardrobe

Cleaning your closet is daunting, especially if you’ve pushed it off for the last few months. But with the holidays and new year approaching, now is the time to sort through things. Clearing out this area of your bedroom makes it easier to see your clothing options. Check out our practical tips for downsizing your wardrobe in the information below.

Evaluate What You Have

Before you leap into your wardrobe and take out everything, look at what you have. This allows you to begin formulating a plan to sort through everything. Are things organized according to apparel type or season? Determine how you can break cleaning into smaller tasks, as this will allow you to take breaks as needed. Knowing what you have also helps you decide how much you should strive to purge.

Get Rid of Unwanted Items

Chances are, you’ll have plenty to get rid of, specifically because you are downsizing. Letting go of clothing isn’t always easy, as you may worry that you’ll want to wear a specific outfit again someday. As you look through clothing, ask yourself:

  • When you last wore each piece
  • If garments still fit
  • Whether you still like the clothes

If you haven’t worn an outfit in a while and wouldn’t miss it if it were gone, it’s time to say goodbye. Items in good condition can be sold online or donated to charity to help someone in need.

Project B Green

You can donate all your gently used clothing to Project B Green; we’ll take anything from old sweaters to PJs to work attire. As a proud partner of local charities, we strive to make the community a better place for everyone. Simply bring your items to one of our charitable drop-off locations!

Store Seasonal Clothes

If you have seasonal outfits that you regularly wear during only a specific time of year, consider storing them at the back of the closet or in bins so that they’re out of the way. These practical tips for downsizing your wardrobe are important because you may have seasonal outfits you want to keep but don’t want to store in the closet. Leaving these items intermingled with your regular clothing makes things harder to find when needed.

Don’t Forget Clothing Accessories

As you go through your clothes, don’t forget to sort through your accessories and shoes. You may have smaller items that are in great shape but no longer useful to you. These items can go into your donating or selling pile. If the items are in poor condition, you’ll have to dispose of them; place them into a bin to bring them to the appropriate recycling center.

Plan for the Future

Finally, develop a plan for the future to ensure your wardrobe doesn’t end up cluttered in a few months. Consider adopting the minimalist approach of one in, one out; this will make it so that you get rid of something whenever you buy something new. By keeping everything organized and minimal, you’ll have an easier time deciding what to wear.

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