5 Things To Keep in Mind When Donating Used Baby Clothes

5 Things To Keep in Mind When Donating Used Baby Clothes

Babies grow fast, and that means sorting through their clothes every couple of months as they cycle through new sizes. Although you may want to keep an outfit or two as keepsakes or hand-me-downs, you can’t hang onto everything. Donating old baby clothes allows you to help fellow parents keep their little ones cozy as they flourish. Make sorting through things simple by jotting down a few things to keep in mind when donating used baby clothes. 

You Should Evaluate the Item First

Some clothing items may look brand new, while others may show clear wear. Don’t donate items with holes, tears, or stains, as a charity won’t reuse these items. Organizations want gently used clothing that others can wear and feel comfortable in. Chances are, you’ve got a few things in your baby’s wardrobe that still look as good as new.

It Helps To Wash Donatable Items

Once you create a pile of clothing you can donate, it’s time to place them in the wash. This may sound like an odd thing to do when donating used baby clothes, but washing the outfits keeps everything sanitary. Plus, it keeps the garments in perfect condition, making it easier for the charity to give them away or resell the clothing.

Consider Investigating Local Charities

Now that everything is clean and ready to go to a new home, you need to search for local charities. There may be organizations helping single moms or impoverished parents in your area; however, there may also be more generalized charities that aid a larger demographic.

What’s most important is you investigate the organization you choose to give to so that you can ensure they follow through with their claims. Look to see what fundraisers they’ve done recently, what percentage of their profits go toward helping others, and what you can find about the charity’s reputation.

Find Out What the Charity Accepts

Another key part of donating items is discovering what a charity can accept, as they may not be able to take everything given to them. For example, charities focused on helping seniors most likely won’t accept baby clothes.

Knowing what items a charity wants can also help you declutter other baby essentials you have stored away. Often, organizations that accept baby clothes will also take toys and books. For example, Project B Green accepts toys, clothing, shoes, books, and more! We offer donation pickups to easily collect your belongings so that another parent and child can enjoy them.

You Can Recycle Heavily Worn Apparel

Just because the clothing isn’t suitable for donation doesn’t mean it should end up in a landfill. Tossing old clothing in the trash is bad for our environment since it doesn’t easily break down. Instead, search out textile recycling centers that focus on clothing. They’ll recycle the items to help keep your community a greener place for everyone.

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