5 Things To Remember When Organizing a Donation Drive

5 Things To Remember When Organizing a Donation Drive

A donation drive is a great way to collect items for a charity to help those in need. However, there are a few things to consider to ensure that this event goes over successfully. You should decide what you’ll collect, inform others of the opportunity to give, and create goals! Read on to learn more about the things to remember when organizing a donation drive.

Decide What You’ll Collect

The first thing you need to do is determine what you’re collecting. Are you looking for clothes, school supplies, small electronics, or a mix of things? An easy way to determine what you want to collect is to decide which community you want to help the most. So if you want to assist kids, ask for children’s clothing, school supplies, toys, and books. Many families in the area may have these items stored away but no longer need them. Your donation drive is the perfect opportunity to clear that clutter.


By deciding what to collect, you also have an easier time determining where you’ll store everything during the drive. For example, you may need a large space if you request used furniture.

Set a Goal

Goals help keep us on track and encourage people to do their best. Decide how many donations you hope to get plus the number of people it should serve. Make public updates throughout the drive to keep everyone excited and engaged. People are more inclined to donate when they can see the difference it makes.

Have a Team

A donation drive isn’t a one-person job, and it becomes more organized when everyone helping has a designated task. So assign some people to work on promoting to residents while others talk to local businesses. Likewise, you should have individuals organizing the donations and thanking the donors for their generosity.

Tell the Community

One of the most important parts of organizing a charity drive is getting the word out. The community needs to know about the event so that people can get involved. Post about the drive on social media and put-up flyers around town. As you promote your charity drive, include vital information, such as:

  • People of contact
  • What you’re collecting
  • Drop off locations
  • Timeline of the drive

Donation drives can be a community-wide project, and giving everyone the essential information makes it easier to help.

Bring It to a Charity

Finally, you’ll need to decide which organization you’ll donate these items to and verify that they accept what you’re collecting. For example, some charities only accept clothing and shoes, but others accept also accept toys, books, and more. You can donate the clothing, shoes, books, toys, and more to Project B Green! We allow for individuals to drop off their items or contact us for a clothing donation pickup. Organize a charity drive that the entire community can participate in as you work as a team to assist those in need.

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