About Us

Project B Green is for profit organization that collects recycled clothing, shoes, and household items.

Our mission is to recycle and achieve what we call a “complete sustainability cycle”.

Some benefits of recycling with us are:

  • Make money and create fundraising opportunities for businesses, organizations, institutions, and/or individuals.

  • Protect the environment and preserve our natural habitat by reducing the volume of textiles and items entering the solid waste stream, thereby saving on landfill space.

  • Help your community or a legitimate cause with the money you gain by recycling.

Project B Green redistributes unwanted clothing, shoes, and household items that we collect to places where there is a great need for these items.

By doing this, we support the local and global economies, create jobs, help families access higher quality products at an affordable price.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and help us to save the planet!