Donation Pick-Up in Bethesda, MD

      Looking for a great way to help your community? Donate your old and gently used belongings to Project B Green! We are a for-profit organization that  accepts in-kind donations on behalf of partnered local nonprofits in your area, to support their organizations. You can schedule a donation pick-up in Bethesda, MD. Each donation you make is tax-deductible and we keep the giving process simple for everyone.

      Donation Pick-Up in Bethesda, MD

      Our free donation pick-up service makes giving to Project B Green even easier. We’ll take all the bags or boxes of items that you plan to give away. Home donation pick-up makes it easier for individuals to give their old belongings to a charity. All we ask is that you fill out our online form with your contact information, the amount you plan to donate, a donation description, and which charity you’d like it to benefit. Our charitable donation pick-up is that easy! We’ll even send an email confirmation before the pick-up, so you can have everything packed and ready for us to load into our truck.

      Acceptable Items

      As you gather the items you’d like to give away for your donation pick-up, remember that our services do not accept all item types. Some commonly donated items we do accept include:

      • – Clothing
      • – Shoes
      • – Kitchenware and houseware
      • – Bed and bath essentials
      • – Toys
      • – Books

      We also accept small furniture; however, we cannot take large pieces of furniture, major appliances, or mattresses. Go to our acceptable items page for a complete list of all the items we do and do not accept. And if you have further questions about specific items you’d like to give or our donation centers, contact us for support. We’re always happy to help our generous donors because we believe it should be easy for everyone to make change in their community.