Donation Pick-Up in Capitol Heights, MD

      If you live in Capitol Heights, MD, and have belongings that you wish to give to charity, bring them to Project B Green. We’re a local for-profit organization that partners with non-profits. We strive to ensure all our partners have the necessary funds to continue running their life-changing programs by monetizing in-kind donations on their behalf.. Schedule a home donation pick-up with Project B Green to make a difference in your community.


      Donation Pick-Up in Capitol Heights, MD


      We understand that loading up your car and driving to a drop-off center to deliver your donation is time-consuming. At Project B Green, we believe nothing should stop the power of generosity, which is why we keep donating simple. Our charitable donation pick-up services are free and simplify the donation process for you.


      To use our pick-up services, we only ask that you schedule a pick-up. By filling out this online form, you’ll provide us with your contact information as well as details about the items. We need to know how much you have to give so that we can send out the appropriately sized truck. Best of all, you get to decide which non-profit organization benefits from your generosity.


      Acceptable Items

      Every donation-based organization accepts various types of items, and we’re no different. Some of the many things Project B Green can take include the following:


      • – Clothing and shoes
      • – Handbags
      • – Books
      • – Toys
      • – Bed and bath essentials
      • – Kitchenware
      • – Media


      Donating the appropriate items ensures you make the biggest possible difference with your kind deed. Please note that we cannot accept car seats, hazardous materials, or cribs. Before scheduling your home donation pick-up, please review our acceptable items page.


      Project B Green proudly supports the Capitol Heights, MD, community and various non-profits. We’re always happy to answer any questions donors may have about our organization or donation pick-up services. Don’t hesitate to contact us! One of our team members will get back to you as soon as possible.