Donation Pick Up in Chevy Chase, MD

      Donating old, gently used belongings is a phenomenal way to declutter your home and give these items a new life. Schedule your donation pick-up in Chevy Chase, MD, through Project B Green! We’re a local organization that collects gently used belongings and then them. With the money made through selling these items, we help fund our non-profit partners. Every donation you give to us makes a difference in your community.


      Donation Pick-Up in Chevy Chase, MD


      Once you’ve sorted through the belongings in your home, you usually have to then drive yourself over to the donation center. Life is busy, and when you have a lot to do, dropping off a donation can feel like a chore. Project B Green prevents this hassle for you by offering home donation pick-up.


      To schedule a pick-up, all you need to do is fill out our online form. Here, we’ll ask for your name, your contact information, and the size of your donation. You also have the opportunity to decide which one of our non-profit partners you want your generous contribution to benefit.


      Acceptable Items


      Not sure what you can and should give to Project B Green? Below is a list of just a few of the many things we happily accept:


      • – Clothing
      • – Shoes
      • – Holiday decorations
      • – Sporting goods
      • – Books
      • – Toys


      Despite the long list of belongings we accept, there are a few things we cannot take. Our non-acceptable items include cribs, large pieces furniture, major appliances, and car seats. You can review a complete list of acceptable and non-acceptable items by clicking here. Knowing what you can donate ensures you sort through the right belongings and only give away objects that people will want.


      Schedule your charitable donation pick-up today to get rid of the gently used belongings you no longer need. If you have questions, contact us, and our team will happily assist you.