Donation Center in Dale City, VA

      You’re bound to find gently used belongings you no longer want or need as you clean your home. Rather than allowing them to waste space in your home, you should donate them to a good cause to help people in your community. Project B Green offers charitable donation pick-up services in Dale City, VA, so you can easily give your old belongings to a good cause.

      Donation Pick-Up in Dale City, VA

      Giving to others is important, and knowing you’ve made a difference in your community feels great. But sometimes, with all the hustle and bustle of life, finding time to bring in your donations is challenging.

      With Project B Green’s pick-up services, donating to a good cause is easier than ever! All you have to do is gather up your gently used belongings and then fill out our online donation pick-up form. This tells us how many bags or boxes we should expect when we come for your pick-up. And as you fill out all the required information, you’ll also have an opportunity to choose which non-profit will benefit from your generous act. Your kindness profoundly impacts our community, so schedule your home donation pick-up now!

      Acceptable Items

      As much as we’d love to accept everything, this isn’t possible. Every organization specializes in the types of items they collect from donors. Below, we’ve listed some of the many things we will take:

      • – Clothing
      • – Shoes
      • – Toys
      • – Decorations
      • – Small electronics
      • – Sporting goods

      And remember, these are just some of the things we accept. But we cannot take larger furniture, cribs, mattresses, or several other items. Please review our acceptable items for the full list of things we can and cannot take from donors.

      If you have questions about our donation pick-up services in Dale City, VA, please reach out. By sending a message to our team, we can provide you with the assistance and answers you need.