Donation Pick-Up in District Heights, MD

      All people acquire various items over the years, and some goods are more useful or beloved than others. Eventually, we need to purge some of those. Donate those gently used belongings to a local charity as you declutter. Project B Green is a for-profit organization that partners with non-profits to help ensure they have the necessary funds to continue their programs by monetizing in-kind donations on their behalf.. We offer charitable donation pick-up, so our donors don’t have to travel to our donation center. Schedule your pick-up today!

      Donation Pick-Up in District Heights, MD


      Use Project B Green’s free donation pick-up services to donate your unwanted belongings to charity. This service eases the process and eliminates the need to find local donation centers, load up the car, and drop them off. Instead, you just have to gather your items and contact us—we’ll send out one of our trucks to pick up everything you’d like to give away.


      To donate to Project B Green, we only ask that you fill out our online pick-up form. This tells us how much you have to give, your contact information, and what charity you’d like your donation to benefit. Knowing how much you have to give is essential to us because it ensures we send out the appropriately sized truck.


      Acceptable Items


      Some of the things Project B Green will accept include:


      • – Clothing
      • – Shoes
      • – Sporting goods
      • – Holiday decorations
      • – Handbags
      • – Small electronics
      • – Media


      There are some belongs we won’t accept, however. For instance, we cannot accept weapons, major appliances, or cribs. Please review our list of acceptable and non-acceptable items while compiling your donation.


      Donating to charity is a wonderful way to improve your community. For donation pick-up in District Heights, MD, contact Project B Green! If you have any questions about our organization, who we partner with, or our pick-up services, please reach out to our team.