Donating Old Jewelry: 5 Things You Need To Know

Donating Old Jewelry: 5 Things You Need To Know

Some of us have jewelry boxes packed tight with various pieces, and you probably don’t wear everything in there—there may even be a few items that you no longer like. Rather than leave that jewelry in a box, consider donating it to a charity! Keep reading to discover five things you need to know about donating your old jewelry as you clean out your wardrobe.

Lay Out All Your Jewelry

First, sort through all your jewelry and decide which pieces you no longer want or wear. This may be time-consuming depending on how much you have, but you should take time to sort through all your jewelry as you may have old pieces tucked away. This process gives you a complete idea of what you own, and you can determine which items you won’t miss.

Organize Everything by Type

Rather than tossing all your unwanted jewelry into a pile, organize it by type. For example, have designated groups for costume jewelry, silver pieces, and gold items. Alternatively, you can establish places for each style, such as necklaces, bracelets, rings, etc. This makes the whole process easier and helps prevent the risk of chains getting tangled when you pack them up for charity.

Decide What To Donate

Now that you can see everything you have, set aside the pieces you’ll keep to avoid mixing them up with the items you’re ready to part with. Also, analyze the jewelry you no longer want for yourself to determine whether there’s anything you’d like to pass on to a family member. Once you’ve done that, whatever’s left is what you can donate!

Get Expensive Pieces Appraised

Another thing to know about donating old jewelry is that you don’t have to bring each physical item to a charity; instead, you can sell everything and just donate the money. Some pieces may be expensive, but there’s no point in keeping them if you never plan to wear them. Consider bringing these pieces to a jewelry appraiser to determine the value of your items. After selling those pieces, donate the money to charity; after all, charities need funds to run their programs and provide assistance to those living in your community.

Pick Out a Charity

Search for charities in your area that accept jewelry. Project B Green is a recycling program that that is partnered with various local charities to collect in-kind donations on their behalf and monetizes them to support their valuable missions.To keep it simple, we have drop-off clothing donation centers in Maryland, the District of Columbia, and Northern Virginia. Bring your old and unwanted jewelry here to live a new life with someone else.

Bringing your jewelry to a charity allows someone else to find the perfect accessory, and they may love it even more than you did!

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