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Eco Hotel: 4 Ways To Make Sure Green Isn’t Just The Room Color

More and more travelers want their travel style and purchasing decisions to reflect their values. And for many, these values are connected to a commitment to reducing their environmental footprint and supporting local communities. This often means choosing a “green” or eco hotel (or eco-lodge) to align accommodation choices with these values.

However, when consumers choose eco friendly accommodation, where should they begin? The choices available can seem overwhelming, not least of all because it can be difficult to determine if a place is truly environmentally conscious or if it greenwashed, positioned only in marketing rather than in deed.

So what should you look for in an eco hotel or eco-lodge? How can you make sense of various sustainability certifications available? What questions should you ask? And where can you find listings of vetted eco hotels?

To get the latest information, I spoke with sustainability expert Irene Lane who is founder of Greenloons, a company dedicated to providing green vacations by working with vetted eco-certified accommodation providers, tour operators and local guides.


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