Donation Center in Fort Belvoir, VA

      As you declutter your home, you may come across various gently used belongings that you no longer need—bring these to Project B Green! Contact us for a clothing donation pick-up if you live in Fort Belvoir, VA.

      Project B Green is a for-profit organization that partners with local charities to monetize in-kind donations to support the organization’s valuable mission to the community. Everything you donate to us will help make a difference.

      Donation Pick-Up Fort Belvoir, VA

      When you sort through the many belongings in your house, you’re bound to come across things you no longer want or need. However, if these items are still in good shape, you should donate them to a good cause! Donating old items prevents them from ending up in a landfill while also allowing someone else to enjoy the belonging.

      Project B Green makes donating simple with our free charity donation pick-up service. Simply fill out our pick-up form detailing how much you have to give, what organization you want to benefit from your donation, and more. Then, once you have your pick-up day scheduled, you must remember to set your items out for us.

      Acceptable Items

      Knowing what a charity can and cannot accept is essential, and Project B Green doesn’t take everything. Some of the items we’ll take include:

      • – Holiday decorations
      • – Clothing
      • – Shoes
      • – Kitchenware
      • – Books
      • – Sporting goods

      Remember that we cannot take larger furniture, car seats, major appliances, weapons, and a few other items. Please review our complete list here to know exactly what we can and cannot accept.

      Donating to charity feels great, and everyone wins when the process is this easy! Please contact us if you have questions about our home donation pick-up or want more information about our organization. We’ll message you back as soon as possible.