Giving Back While on a Budget: What You Need To Know

Giving Back While on a Budget: What You Need To Know

When we think about donating to charity, we often associate it with giving money. This is understandable since charities require funds to continue running their helpful programs. But if you live on a tight budget, you may not have the spare cash to donate. We’ve got you covered with alternative ways to give back while living on a budget.

Volunteer Your Time

Your time is valuable, and many charities need an extra set of hands to help them sort things out and run their programs. Check out the charities in your area and find one that supports a cause dear to your heart based on how your values align with the organization. From here, see if their website lists ways you can help; if it doesn’t, reach out and ask them what you can do to volunteer with them.

Donate Old Belongings

Another way to give back while on a budget is to sort through old belongings and create a pile of things you can donate. This costs nothing and gives you a chance to declutter your home. If you have children, have them also go through old toys, books, and clothing. Every donation helps someone in need.

Project B Green

Project B Green is a charity accepting donations in Northern Virginia, the District of Colombia, and Maryland. Bring your gently used belongings to us or schedule a pickup so we can resell, reuse, or recycle them to help charities in your community.

Reuse & Recycle

At first glance, this may not sound like the typical way to give back, but recycling helps your neighborhood and our planet. You can find new uses for old belongings, like reusing jars, or you can place plastics in the appropriate bin for trash day.

Participate in Charity Drives

Whether you help out with one in your area or start your own, charity drives are a great way to help others. Aim to collect new or gently used clothing, school supplies, toys, books, or a combination of these items. Sometimes, used items look as good as new ones!

Spread the Word

Charities rely on public awareness for grants and donations, and by spreading information on a charity, you help make it more well known. Talk to family and friends about the cause and why you support it. Additionally, share posts about that charity on social media as well as the ways people can help out. If you’ve volunteered your time, share your story! The more others know about a charity, the easier it is to provide it with the needed resources.

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