Donation Center Great Falls, VA

      Bring your gently used belongings to our donation center in Great Falls, VA! Project B Green is an organization with a recycling program that accepts a range of donations. We strive to recycle, resell, and reuse every item individuals donate to us. In addition, we partner with charities in the area and donate proceeds to them; that way, they can continue assisting the communities they serve. Every donation to Project B Green is tax-deductible, and you can select which charity your giving will benefit. Below, we’ve further detailed our charitable donations and services.


      Donation Drop-Off in Great Falls, VA


      Project B Green allows you to gather up your belongings and bring them to our nearest donation drop-off location. We have a donation center in Great Falls, VA, where you can drop off the items you wish to give away. Help enact change in your community.


      Donation Pick-Up in Great Falls, VA


      If you have a lot to give, fitting it into your car may not be easy. And most of us are busy, so making multiple trips to the nearest drop-off center can become quite time-consuming. Instead, utilize Project B Green’s donation pick-up service to schedule a time when one of our trucks can come to you! This is a free service we offer to ensure everyone can donate their belongings. Give these items a new life with someone else.


      Acceptable Items


      At Project B Green, we pride ourselves on accepting various charitable donations. As you declutter your home, some of the many things you can bring to us are:


      • – Clothing
      • – Books
      • – Small furniture
      • – Bed and bath essentials
      • – Kitchenware
      • – Sporting goods
      • – Toys


      Note that we cannot take everything you may have to give; this includes common items like mattresses, cribs, large appliances, and more. Read through our acceptable items page for a complete list of the things we can and cannot accept.


      Bring your used belongings to our donation center to make a remarkable impact on your community!