Helpful Tips for Living a More Sustainable Life

Helpful Tips for Living a More Sustainable Life

Our world is magnificent, and caring for the planet is a joint effort. One of the best ways to help our earth is by living a more sustainable life. By recycling, wasting less energy, donating to charity, and cleaning litter, you join the efforts to keep our planet clean. Dive into these helpful tips for living more sustainably to aid in keeping the environment beautiful.


All garbage doesn’t belong in the regular trash receptacle. You can recycle materials like glass, paper, and certain plastics. Aim to follow the three golden Rs: reduce, reuse, and recycle. Search what items your local recycling company accepts when disposing of these materials. You should wash out any plastic food containers before recycling them to prevent contamination from food waste.

Also, strive to reduce how much plastic you use. While you can recycle some plastics, you can’t say the same for all. For instance, plastic-coated items should never go in the recycle bin. Try to limit your use of these goods, as plastic takes centuries to break down.

Waste Less Energy

Pay attention to your energy consumption at all times of the day. Do you leave the sink on when you brush your teeth in the morning? Could you carpool more often? Think of solutions to become less wasteful. Don’t leave the water running if you don’t need to use it. Another easy way to reduce energy consumption is to shut off the lights whenever you leave a room.

Donate to Charity

If you have old clothes, toys, books, or other clutter, determine what you can donate. Charities happily accept gently used belongings, and there are organizations for nearly every type of item. If you have old books and toys, search for a charity focused on families. Likewise, if you have a bag full of seasonal clothing, you can give it to a clothing charity. Such a place will accept it any time of year. The best time of year to donate to charity is whenever you have something to give!

Go Thrift Shopping

While many of us like buying brand-new clothing, it typically isn’t sustainable. The fashion industry causes lots of pollution. It takes many gallons of water to make a single pair of jeans. By thrift shopping, the clothes are still new to you, but you contribute to less environmental harm.

Pick Up Litter

The final tip for living a more sustainable life is to pick up trash as you notice it outside. Whether you participate in a large-scale clean-up project or notice trash as you walk, you can pick up litter. By ignoring the trash, you only let the problem grow. Plus, that litter can harm wildlife. Many of us have seen photos of animals with their heads stuck in plastic six-pack rings. Help keep our planet beautiful.

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