Donation Pick-Up in Kensington, MD

      Project B Green offers donation pick-up in Kensington, MD. This wonderful service allows you to give your unwanted, gently used belongings to charity. We partner with various local non-profit organizations and certify that they have the funds to run their essential programs by monetizing in-kind donations on their behalf.. Give to a charity that strives to make a difference in your community.


      Donation Pick-Up in Kensington, MD


      Giving to charity feels great, and it’s an excellent way to help others in your community. However, gathering your donation and locating a drop-off center for the organization can become time-consuming. With Project B Green’s free donation pick-up services, this act of kindness becomes more accessible.


      To use this service, you must fill out our online form to schedule your pick-up. This provides crucial information about your donation, such as the types of items and the number of bags or boxes you’re giving away. We need to know what to expect; that way, our team can send out the right truck to haul away everything you have to give. When filling out the form, we also ask for your contact information, so we can come to your home to pick up the donation.


      Acceptable Items


      Project B Green offers more than just clothing donation pick-up, as we accept various items. Knowing what belongings a charity can take is vital to the giving process and ensures you don’t donate something the organization doesn’t accept. Aside from clothing, some of the many items we take include:


      • Houseware 
      • Holiday decorations 
      • Toys 
      • – Media
      • – Sporting Goods
      • Books 
      • Bed and bath essentials


      Whether you have linens or old children’s toys, we’re happy to take them! However, we cannot accept large furniture, cribs, or major appliances. Please review our list of acceptable items before compiling your donatable items.


      Every donation makes a difference, and you can lead the change you wish to see in your community. Contact Project B Green if you have any questions or to schedule your donation pick-up in Kensington, MD.