Moving Into Your Own Place: 5 Common Mistakes To Avoid

Moving Into Your Own Place: 5 Common Mistakes To Avoid

Not much tops the excitement of buying a place to call your own. Now, you can decorate your home how you think it would look best. Before doing that, you need to pack your things and prepare for move-in day. Avoid making these common mistakes when moving into your own place!

Skipping a Plan

A moving plan helps keep you on track and gather the things you’ll need. You’re about to take an exciting leap and live in a place of your own where you can be independent. It’s easy to get caught up in that excitement as you search for decorating inspiration and purchase new furniture. You don’t want to wait until the final days to buy your moving boxes and start packing.

Instead, take mental notes of what you have shortly after purchasing your own space. In the month leading up to the big move, start packing up your room and other belongings in your family home. Load up items you don’t regularly use and out-of-season clothing first.

Not Hiring Movers

Professional movers make this process much easier and can do all the heavy lifting for you. Trying to get your bed frame or dresser out the front door may sound easy, but when the time comes to move, you’ll have regrets. Keep the moving process simple by searching for movers in your area. Evaluate prices and reviews, and ask if there are any restrictions to the type of items they’ll transport.

Taking Everything With You

Since you may have a lot to take, now is the time to purge. Sort through your old clothing and determine what attire you no longer want. Chances are, you have a few shirts buried in the back of your closet that hasn’t seen the light of day in months. There’s no point in packing something you plan on parting with eventually.

Donate to Charity

Once you have a pile of those unwanted belongings, it’s time to find a charity! Project B Green is partnered with several local charities. They offer home donation pickup and will happily take gently used clothes, shoes, accessories, and more. Rather than pack those unwanted items, give them to someone in need.

Not Organizing Your Packing

Once you know what you will take with you, it’s time to create a system so you know where everything is when unpacking. To make it easier, aim to:

  • Organize clothes according to the season
  • Designate a separate box for each item category
  • Allot must-have items their own box or bag

Unloading all those boxes may take several days, so you should have an easy time finding things throughout the process. By putting regularly used items in a separate space, you can unpack them right away so that you don’t have to rifle through things.

Forgetting To Label Boxes

The final mistake to avoid when moving into your own place is neglecting labels. Write down what’s in the boxes, like “winter sweaters” or “dinner plates,” so you know where to unload them. By keeping things simple, you can kick back and relax as you enjoy your independence.

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