Donation Pick-Up in Oxon Hills, MD

      Give your unwanted, gently used belongings to Project B Green! Our charity offers donation pick-up in Oxon Hills, MD, to streamline the giving process for our donors. As a for-profit organization, we partner with local non-profits to ensure they have the funds to run their programs by monetizing in-kind donations on their behalf.. To achieve our mission, we need your donations!


      Donation Pick-Up in Oxon Hills, MD


      Nothing warms the heart quite like giving your old belongings to benefit those in need. This allows someone else to reuse your gently used items and helps improve the community for everyone. Project B Green offers home donation pick-up only in Oxon Hills, MD. This means you don’t have to spend time bringing your items to a drop-off center. Plus, all donations made to Project B Green are tax-deductible.


      To get started with your pick-up, please fill out our online form. This gives us essential information regarding how much you have to offer, the types of items you’re donating, and your contact information. You’ll also get to choose from our long list of non-profit partners to decide who your in-kind donation will benefit. If you don’t see the cause that’s dearest to your heart, you can also fill out the “Other” category.


      Acceptable Items


      Every charity accepts a range of items, and Project B Green is no different. Before scheduling your charitable donation pick-up, please verify that you’ve only gathered items we can accept. Below are some of the many things we can take:


      • – Clothing and accessories
      • – Shoes
      • – Kitchenware
      • – Homeware
      • – Books
      • – Holiday decorations


      Giving the appropriate items ensures you make the most impact. In addition to what we can take, there are a few things we cannot accept. This includes car seats, weapons, and large furniture. Check out our list of acceptable items to review everything we can and cannot take.


      Schedule your donation pick-up in Oxon Hills, MD! Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions about our organization or services.