Reasons To Donate Your Furniture When Moving

Reasons To Donate Your Furniture When Moving

Congratulations—you bought a new house! This is an exciting time for the entire household and marks the start of a beautiful journey. As you close the chapter in your current home, you’ll have to sort through and pack up old belongings. Rather than load everything onto the truck, check out these reasons to donate your furniture when moving.

It Makes Moving Cheaper

Buying a home is expensive enough; pairing that with the price of movers and renting a truck is a lot. Chances are, you’ll have furniture and decor you no longer want. A new home deserves fresh pieces to make it even more beautiful. Don’t take all that clutter with you if you plan on getting rid of it anyway.

As you pack your belongings, decide what items you can get rid of, and place them in a separate area. From there, you can contact a local charity to see if they will take the furniture and other items and whether they are currently accepting donations.

Donate Here

Project B Green is an organization that happily accepts small furniture, decor, clothing, houseware, and more! Bring your belongings to one of our locations if you live in Maryland, DC, or Northern Virginia. We collaborate with various non-profit organizations to make our community a wonderful place for everyone. Bring your acceptable items to one of our drop-off clothing donation centers.

The Tax Breaks

Another reason to donate furniture when moving is for tax deductions. Buying a new home is a major expense, so finding ways to save money throughout the year will come in handy. When you donate to a charity, you’ll get a receipt that you can use to write off the donation. Based on how you file your taxes and where you live, you may be able to claim these deductions.

Packing and Unpacking Is Easy

When you get into your new home, you probably don’t want to spend all your time unloading everything. This is an exciting chapter in your life, and you should spend more time personalizing the house. When you have less to pack, you also have less to unpack, which gives you more time to enjoy the new home or explore the neighborhood.

You’ll Make Positive Change

Donating gently used furniture is always better than throwing it away for two reasons. First, it keeps unnecessary trash out of our landfills so our communities remain green and flourishing. Second, by donating your old furniture, you help another family get the pieces they need to make their house feel like home.

Nothing compares to that warmth in your heart after helping someone in need, and there’s no better purpose for those gently used items than giving them away! By donating your old belongings, you can lead the change you want to see in your community.

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