Donation Pick-Up in Springfield, VA

      Looking for a great place to donate your old belongings? Project B Green offers donations pick-up in Springfield, VA. We’re a local organization that focuses on making the community a better place for everyone. We do this by partnering with local charities by monetizing in-kind donations on their behalf to fund their valuable mission.


      Donation Pick-Up in Springfield, VA


      While you may have plenty to give, finding time in your schedule creates hurdles. We understand this challenge and offer free home donation pick-up. All you have to do is collect the items you wish to donate and schedule a pick-up with us. We’ll give you a date and time so that you can load up your bags or boxes in advance. On your pick-up day, we ask that you place the donation bag or box on your porch for our driver.


      As you schedule your charitable donation pick-up, give us your contact info and address. We also need to know how much you have to give and which non-profit you want your kind act to benefit. Fill out the form to schedule your free pick-up today!


      Acceptable Items


      As much as we’d love to take everything our generous donors have to give, that simply isn’t possible. We do accept many goods, though, and some of the items we will accept include:


      • – Shoes
      • – Clothing and accessories
      • – Handbags
      • – Houseware
      • – Sporting goods
      • – Home and holiday decorations


      Please note that we cannot take large furniture, cribs, or large home appliances when sorting through your belongings. You can view a full list of everything we can and cannot accept on our acceptable items page.


      Donating to others is a heartwarming act that makes your community a better place for everyone. Project B Green happily accepts various items and offers donation pick-up options to make the generous act even easier. Our locations stretch from Northern Virginia to the District of Columbia to Maryland.


      Please contact us with any questions regarding our pick-up services or acceptable items.