Every organization needs to raise money. Why not fund raise while helping the environment at the same time?!

ProjectBGREEN has partnered up with nonprofits, churches, charities, and everyone in between who wanted to raise money for a cause.

We believe in giving back to the community and taking care of the world that we live in; and there’s no better way to do that than to partner up with an organization that feels the same!

Contact us now about how we can help you raise funds and awareness, at no cost to you, and let’s get this adventure started!




The Eco Friendly Amenity

Project Bgreen is a great tool for any community!

  • Improve your recycling image by giving a new green service for FREE
  • Reduce condo expenses by reducing trash bills and the amount of trash
  • Help our local nonprofit partners  raise funds
  • Reduce wasted, gently used  clothing , shoes and other useful items in landfills
  • Minimize the unsightly overflow of trash


How it Works:

  1. Place a Bin: We will provide the bin. The bin should be placed in a easy to see and convenient place for your residents ( Laundry room, garage  or basement) If outside with an easy place for residents to park and deposit items in the bin.
  2. One big drive: Set up a bi-weekly or monthly schedule for your residents. We will be at your location on a Saturday between an agreed upon time frame and collect all the items at once.
  3. Spread the word: We will notify your residents about the program by placing/posting flyers and sending emails. We give you all the marketing tools you need for FREE (Flyers, posters etc)  Sample  flyer
  4. Tax receipt: Your residents will receive a tax donation form from  one of our local nonprofit partners


Special pickups  available:

  • Spring cleaning  or fundraising event
  • Estate sales or resident eviction

The service is FREE | We provide a certificate of insurance | All logistic costs cover by PBG


free concierge box       bIN cLICK HERE BOX

Project Bgreen works with businesses as well!

At no cost to them, the business owner is able to offer an eco-friendly option to their employees, customers, and surrounding community!

They also receive monthly payments to use as they see fit; whether it’s for and upgrade on equipment, a bonus for an employee of the month, or sending it to one of the numerous nonprofits in the area.

So talk to your boss and get a bin placed at your business today!

Eco Business Banner




Education is the backbone of the future. School is a major molding force in the young generations – our future leaders.

Project Bgreen believes in doing all we can to give back to the schools in our communities to ensure that every student has the tools they need to succeed.


In addition to fundraising opportunities, we have a Free Books program (we give whatever books we have that the schools can use), and pass out vouchers for kids in need to get clothing.

Get your school involved today! There are so many ways to help the teachers and students achieve their best.

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