Communities / Residential Buildings (HOA/PM)


Recycling Programs

Communities / Residential Buildings (HOA/PM)

The Eco Friendly Amenity

Project Bgreen is a great tool for any community!

  • Improve your recycling image by giving a new green service for FREE
  • Reduce condo expenses by reducing trash bills and the amount of trash
  • Help our local nonprofit partners  raise funds
  • Reduce wasted, gently used  clothing , shoes and other useful items in landfills
  • Minimize the unsightly overflow of trash


How it Works:

  1. Place a Bin: We will provide the bin. The bin should be placed in a easy to see and convenient place for your residents ( Laundry room, garage  or basement) If outside with an easy place for residents to park and deposit items in the bin.
  2. One big drive: Set up a bi-weekly or monthly schedule for your residents. We will be at your location on a Saturday between an agreed upon time frame and collect all the items at once.
  3. Spread the word: We will notify your residents about the program by placing/posting flyers and sending emails. We give you all the marketing tools you need for FREE (Flyers, posters etc)  Sample  flyer
  4. Tax receipt: Your residents will receive a tax donation form from  one of our local nonprofit partners


Special pickups  available:

  • Spring cleaning  or fundraising event
  • Estate sales or resident eviction

The service is FREE | We provide a certificate of insurance | All logistic costs cover by PBG


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