Donation Pick-Up in Temple Hills, MD

      Nothing feels better than donating your old belongings to a good cause! Project B Green is a local organization accepting in-kind donations in Temple Hills, MD. Once you’ve determined what you want to give away, schedule your donation pick-up service with us. We partner with various non-profits in the area and provide them with the necessary funds to continue their essential programs.


      Donation Pick-Up in Temple Hills, MD


      Although you may have plenty of belongings to give, finding time to drop everything off can be a challenge. Donating shouldn’t feel like a chore that takes up all of your time. Skip the hassle of dropping things off; instead, schedule a home donation pick-up with Project B Green. With this service, one of our team members will come to you to get your in-kind donation.


      To begin the process, please fill out our donation pick-up form. This tells us how to contact you, your address, and how much you have to give. Plus, you’ll get to decide which non-profit you want to lend a hand to. Knowing how many bags or boxes you have is crucial, as it tells our team what size truck to send out for the pick-up to keep the process simple for everyone.


      Acceptable Items


      Donating is a wonderful act, and while Project B Green accepts a wide range of items, we can’t take everything you may have to give. Below we’ve listed a handful of things we will take:


      • – Clothing
      • – Shoes
      • – Media
      • – Toys
      • – Handbags
      • – Small electronics


      Keep in mind that there are also items we cannot accept, such as cribs, car seats, mattresses, and major appliances. Please review our list of acceptable and non-acceptable items before scheduling your charitable donation pick-up.


      Feel free to contact our team if you have questions about our donation pick-up services or items you wish to give. Make your community a better place by donating!