The Dos and Don’ts of Donating Items to Charity

The Dos and Don’ts of Donating Items to Charity

When you decide it’s time to clean out your home and donate some possessions, there are a few things you should consider. Giving items in poor condition to charity does service to no one, and these things often end up in the trash. Read the information below to learn the dos and don’ts of donating items to charity.

Do: Sort Items

When you begin going through everything, work in manageable sections and designate an area for the things you’ll donate. Consider having separate bins for each type of item. For example, clothing goes in one area, books in another, puzzles in a third, and so forth. This makes it easier for you and the charity to see what you get rid of.

Don’t: Donate the Wrong Items

Not all charities accept all donations. Some organizations happily take clothing, but others focus on furniture. Find your charity’s preferences on their website to avoid inconveniencing them with the wrong items.

Do: Inspect Everything

Once you’ve sorted everything, it’s time to inspect it. Does the clothing have tears or clear signs of wear? Do the toys and games include all their parts? Does dishware have stains or food residue? You shouldn’t donate items if they’re not in good enough condition for proper and immediate use.

Don’t: Forget to Check Electronics

If you have electronic devices you want to donate, always check to make sure they work. Plug all electronics in and verify they turn on and function as needed. The charity may not have the time to do this for you, so save them the trouble and prevent a client from getting a faulty device.

Do: Wash Items Before Donating

Always wash clothing and toys before you give them to a charity. This keeps everything smelling and looking fresh for the recipient and makes preparation easier for charity, as the item is ready to donate.

Don’t: Give to Fake Charities

Sadly, some people take advantage of goodwill. These individuals may fabricate stories or organizations to get you to donate to them. Prevent falling for this by researching a charity before you donate so that you can gather information on its reputation. Websites like Charity Navigator can facilitate the investigation process.

Do: Donate to Project B Green

Understanding the dos and don’ts of donating to charity helps you achieve your goal of aiding your community—but you still need to choose the right donation center. Project B Green is an in-kind donation and recycling program that partners with local charities and makes the donation process as convenient as possible for you. Schedule your donation pickup today to easily get rid of those old items. Every in-kind donation to Project B Green leaves a positive imprint on your community.

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