Donation Center in Vienna, VA

      Project B Green has a donation center in Vienna, VA, where you can bring your old and gently used belongings. Project B Green is a for-profit organization that accepts in-kind donations. We then sell those items and donate the proceeds to charities partnering with us. Don’t throw away items you’ve gently used; someone else can give these belongings a new life! Giving to others feels great, especially when you know it’s impacting your community.


      Donation Drop-Off in Vienna, VA


      With Project B Green’s donation drop-off option, you can bring any items you wish to give away to one of our locations. We have various donation centers, including one in Vienna, VA. Giving is simple when these centers are close to your home.


      Donation Pick-Up in Vienna, VA


      Project B Green also offers donation pick-up services for free! To schedule your free pick-up, fill out our online form, and one of our trucks will come to you. This is great if you have a lot to give or can’t fit the items in your car. We believe donating gently used belongings should always be simple, which is why we offer this great option.


      Acceptable Items


      We accept all sorts of items you may have lying around your home. Below are just a few of the many things we can take:


      • – Holiday decorations
      • – Books
      • – Clothing and accessories
      • – Shoes
      • – Toys
      • – Handbags
      • – Small appliances


      Although we accept various items, we cannot take everything. We don’t take mattresses, cribs, large furniture, or big appliances, among several other things. If you have several items and don’t know whether we would take them, reach out!


      Give your old belongings to a donation center in your area that strives to benefit your community. Project B Green partners with various charities, and every donation you make creates a difference in these non-profits and helps those they assist.