When Is the Best Time To Donate Your Winter Clothing?

When Is the Best Time To Donate Your Winter Clothing?

Donating items is among the best ways to help other individuals. With winter right around the corner, so are those cold days when we hug our jackets a bit tighter around us. But jackets, boots, mittens, sweaters, and all that other attire is expensive. If you have winter clothing that you no longer need, donate it so someone else can stay warm. Read the information below for tips on the best time to donate winter clothes, plus advice on what you should give.

The Best Time To Donate

While there is no wrong time to donate, fall is the ideal time for giving winter apparel away. This is because the weather starts cooling down at this time of year. Similarly, department stores start putting winter clothes out around this time, and charities want to do the same.

Many of us stock up on cozy attire before freezing temperatures and snow hits so we can stay snug in our homes while the earth sleeps.

Sorting through your winter wardrobe should be easy, as many of us swap our summer clothes for sweaters, long pants, and more. While reorganizing your closet, create a pile of winter attire you no longer want or need. These can go to a local charity.

Top Items To Give

Knowing the best time to donate winter clothes is only a part of the occasion since you also need to know what winter items charities need most. Here are some of the best winter items to donate:

  • Boots
  • Jackets
  • Gloves and mittens
  • Scarves
  • Hats
  • Sweaters
  • Jeans

Look through what you have and encourage the rest of your household to do the same. Now is also a great time to hold a charity drive where you can work with your community center or a local school to gather supplies.

Pro Tip

Your list isn’t limited to clothing and boots, either. Many charities take a variety of items, including kitchenware. If you have old mugs or bowls, give them away. While we use these items throughout the year, tasty soups and sweet hot cocoa are essential winter foods.

Finding a Reputable Charity

Searching out the right one is important when you decide to give to a good cause. Some organizations don’t help their community as much as they say. Searching who the charity supports and seeing what fundraisers they’ve done can give you a clearer picture.

Project B Green is a donation center that partners with various local charities in Northern Virginia, Maryland, and the District of Colombia. It’s time to gather your unwanted winter clothing to give it to someone in need. Spread your good fortune to others this season!

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