Donation Center Woodbridge, VA

      Looking for a donation center in Woodbridge, VA? Project B Green is a charity that accepts your gently used belongings. We then monetize them and donate money to local non-profit organizations so that they can have the funds they need to run their programs. Donate the clutter in your home to help your community. All charitable donations are tax-deductible, and when it comes to giving, we keep things simple; you can drop off belongings or schedule a pick-up.


      Donation Drop-Off in Woodbridge, VA


      After clearing out your home and sorting through belongings, you may have several bags packed with old items you wish to donate. Project B Green allows for donation drop-off, so you can bring these belongings to a location nearest you. If you don’t know where to go, visit our drop-off page to find which donation center is closest to your home.


      Donation Pick-Up in Woodbridge, VA


      If you have a lot to give or don’t have time to drop off your donatable items, you can schedule a donation pick-up. Simply go to our pick-up page and fill out the online form to provide us with the donation information. Ensure no hurdles stand between you and the wonderful act of giving to others.


      Acceptable Items


      Project B Green accepts many items, but we cannot take everything. Below are some of the many things we can take:


      • – Shoes
      • – Clothing and accessories
      • – Books
      • – Small furniture
      • – Sporting goods
      • – Decorations
      • – Toys


      We cannot take mattresses, other large pieces of furniture, weapons, large appliances, and a handful of other items. For more information on what we can and cannot take, visit our “acceptable items” page. And if you have an item but aren’t sure if we accept it—such as a specific piece of furniture—contact us! We’re always happy to tell you how you can give to our donation center to continue paying kindness forward.