Getting Involved: 5 Simple Ways To Help Your Community

Getting Involved: 5 Simple Ways To Help Your Community

Living in a close-knit neighborhood brings more comfort to everyone. When you feel like you know your neighbors, you can trust them or rely on them when you need help. Find out how you can get involved with these simple ways to help your community.

Look for Volunteer Events

Visit your community center’s website or read the paper to see if any local events are going on that you can participate in. Community support comes in many forms. You could attend a local recital to cheer the performers on or assist a local charity. If your town has a farmer’s market, make a visit to buy some produce, baked goods, or handmade crafts.

Clean Up the Neighborhood

Living in a beautiful area is important to everyone, but creating that type of space takes work. Organize a cleanup crew so that you and your neighbors can divide and conquer to pick up trash and plant some greenery. With everyone working together, your city will look incredible in no time!

Help Your Neighbors

We could all use some help once in a while; make time to check in on your neighbors. Sometimes, we don’t vocalize when we’re struggling. Simply asking someone about their day can make them feel less alone. If someone on your block just had a baby, visit them and offer to cook dinner for them. Getting precise with how you’ll help means a lot more to people than simply telling them you’ll help if they need you.

Donate Locally

Giving to any charity feels great. Common charities often looking for support include:

  • Food banks
  • Animal shelters
  • Retirement homes
  • Financial charities

You can find local organizations and their reviews through websites like Charity Navigator. The rating tells you how the organization spends its money, the accountability of the foundation, and how transparent they are.

Pro Tip

If you can’t find a local charitable drive, hold your own! Fundraising is a great way to bring a community closer together; sometimes, it takes one incredible mind to lead a chain reaction. Project B Green is a for profit charity accepting donations on behalf of their partnered local charities. Your in-kind donation is monetized and the funds help support the missions of local non-profits.

Help the Schools

Education is a key part of growing, and most schools and other education centers rely on volunteers. An easy way to help your community and get involved is by volunteering to serve in critical roles, such as a crossing guard, coach, or tutor.

You could also host a charity drive or raffle to raise funds to donate to the school so they can continue running their amazing extracurricular activities. You’ll make your community a better place for everyone by putting in the effort.

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